Rent out a property

For anyone wishing to rent out their property

Do you have an apartment or house you wish to sublet? We’ll help you and ensure the process is straightforward and secure.  

Start by listing your property

Create a profile and publish a listing for your property with a description of the apartment.

Upload photographs that really show your apartment at its best. Frida from shares her best advice in this article

Add property viewing appointments that suit your schedule. 

Send your listing to Homerental for publication. 

Frida from has all sorts of great advice on how to style an apartment like a real estate professional.  PHOTO: Frida Ramstedt 

Property viewings

Our clients can now book an appointment to visit the property you wish to rent out. Each property viewing lasts 30 mins, and you will receive the name and contact details of the potential tenant 24 hours before their appointment.

When someone has been to a property viewing, they have 24 hours to confirm whether they are interested in your property or not. 

Remember to clean a little more thoroughly before the viewing - here are some tips on how to clean everything you can see, and everything you can’t. 

Select tenant

Within 24 hours of the property viewings you must select a tenant from those who have confirmed an interest. If no-one has confirmed they are interested or if you’re unable to select a tenant for any other reason, you can add new property viewing appointments. 

Once you have selected a tenant, Homerental will start drawing up a contract with the new tenant. 


Homerental organises the signing of contracts for both parties. Find out more about our terms and conditions here

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