About Homerental – the key to safe subletting

When you want to sublet your property or when your company needs to rent a property for a member of staff, we are your perfect partner. With us you’ll get peace of mind, from property viewing to signing the contract and for the duration of the rental period – both as a landlord and as a tenant. Welcome to our home!

Simplify the property hunt and keep it cost-effective

Reasonably-priced rents, quality properties and reputable landlords. All rental contracts are thoroughly checked to ensure they comply with relevant legislation. All of these things – plus a wide selection of homes – are available to our corporate clients. Instead of subjecting yourself to a complicated, expensive process in a market that can be both confusing and unpredictable, Homerental will save you time, minimise your costs and eliminate any unnecessary and time-consuming administration. Peace of mind, excellent service and an experienced corporate rental partner are just some of the advantages of using Homerental.

You select the tenant – we guarantee the rent

When you choose to rent out your apartment with Homerental, it is always you who selects the tenant. You are responsible for the property viewings, but when it’s time to sign the contract, we’ll help and support you with all the documentation and make sure the contract you sign complies with all necessary regulations. Your tenant pays the reasonably-priced rent to us and we then pay it to you. You never have to worry about late payments or being asked to refund unreasonably-priced rent.

Fast, simple and secure for companies and landlords

At Homerental, companies looking for staff accommodation only pay when a contract is signed. Until then, it is free to search our listings and attend property viewings. As a landlord you will be charged a brokerage fee of 12% of your rent. There are no other costs. 

Long-term relationships are the key to safe property rentals

It is no coincidence that more and more housing cooperatives and property owners are choosing to collaborate with Homerental. We simply make subletting to corporate and legal entities a good deal. Probably because concepts like long-term thinking, sustainability and transparency are important to us, both in terms of contracts and clients, but also because our rental periods are never less than six months. Homerental also requires that the tenant living in the property remains the same throughout the rental period. This provides continuity and stability and, before contracts are signed, a background check is always carried out on the new tenant. In addition, Homerental always ensures that the tenant has been approved by the property owner or the board of the housing cooperative.

Homerental and subletting

We need more forces for good in this changing property market and our increasingly nomadic society. Homerental’s goal is to be one of these – with the mission of increasing the options for companies looking to find decent accommodation for their staff, which in turn will make it easier for them to place the right skills in the right location.

Don’t lose out on the best candidate because of a property shortage

Fun and stimulating work, great salary, nice colleagues – you can offer all of these things to potential new recruits. But can you also offer them a simple, fast accommodation package close to their new place of work? If you can, then your chances of attracting the best candidates will be much higher. A lot of companies have trouble recruiting specialists from other cities or countries these days because the property market is fairly stagnant and there’s an overall lack of apartments to rent. Use Homerental and be an even more popular employer. Read more here.

Property facts about Homerental:

  • We broker approx. 700 properties every year.
  • Homerental has offices throughout Sweden, but works primarily in and around the major urban areas.
  • We currently have 160 corporate clients who are actively looking for properties for their staff

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