Terms and conditions for corporate client

Below terms is valid from 2019-09-11


The agreement for the letting service applies between Homerental.se, the corporate client (the employer), and the tenant (employee). When a tenant profile is created by the employee the terms and costs are accepted by the employer in accordance with below terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions


The person who approves a housing applicant profile should have signatory rights for the corporate client or have signatory right by power of attorney through their position at the corporate client such as HR-representative, recruiter or responsible for employee reallocation. 


The tenant and/or the representative that attends an accommodation viewing approves that their contact details are shown at the viewing request to the potential landlord. The contact details is only available for landlords registered at Homerental. se  and Homerental.se employees.

Please read more on how Homerental.se handles personal information in accordance with GDPR    


Viewings are without exceptions coordinated by Homerental.se. 


Homerental.se is not responsible for any agreements made directly between registered landlord and housing applicant at the viewing or through other communication.


The registered landlord is responsible for the validity of any information given in the presentation of the accommodation. Homerental is not responsible for inaccurate information in the listing.


Homerental.se is not responsible for any technical issues that may be experienced when using the service.

The terms and conditions may be changed by Homerental.se.

For any questions regarding the service, please contact us!

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