Advertising agreement for landlords

The following terms and conditions apply from 01/05/2018


This advertising agreement is between Homerental and the landlord, hereinafter referred to as the “Advertiser”. According to the agreement, the Advertiser advertises their accommodation to be let on Homerental and the website

Advertising terms

1 will review the Advertiser’s advertisement before it is published and advertised on If the advertisement is incomplete, is entitled to refuse to post the advertisement. Shortest accepted rental period i 6 months. 


The Advertiser agrees and accepts that their contact details may be displayed to a potential tenant when they request a booking. The contact details will only be displayed to applicants who are registered and are interested in the property on

Read more about how Homerental manages data in accordance with GDPR here.


Coordination of property viewings is managed by Homerental.


The Advertiser is always responsible for staying informed about the applicable laws and regulations for subletting residential properties and what is considered to be a reasonable rent. The Advertiser is responsible for ensuring that they have approval from their tenant-owners association/property owner and that letting to a legal entity (company) is permitted.


Homerental accepts no liability for agreements made directly between the Advertiser and the tenant in a lease contract.


The Advertiser is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all data provided in the advertisement are accurate. Discriminatory text and other offensive or inappropriate wording will be removed immediately by Homerental.


Homerental reserves the right to remove the accommodation advertisement if the Advertiser behaves unprofessionally to applicants. The same applies if the Advertiser behaves unprofessionally to former tenants.


Costs for the service

When advertising on, an administrative margin of 12 percent of the rent demanded will be allocated to Homerental Nordic AB. The margin covers Homerental’s costs for the following:

  • Ensuring that a rental contract is drafted in accordance with relevant Swedish rental legislation.
  • Administration of rental payments: Homerental pays the rental payments to the landlord each month in order to ensure payments are received on time.
  • Support during entire lease period for both landlord and tenant.
  • If required, assistance and mediation to settle damage claims when the tenant moves out.
  • Homerental Nordic AB will be the landlord’s legal counterpart throughout the letting period to ensure a secure, smooth and simple letting experience for the landlord.


Homerental bears no responsibility for any technical problems that may arise from use of the service.


When a lease has been signed, Homerental takes a security deposit from the tenant which is held seperate from other Company funds.  Homerental does not pay security deposits to the landlord for the lease. When the lease ends and after an approved move-out inspection, Homerental returns the deposit to the tenant.


The advertising terms may be amended by Homerental.

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