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Frequently asked questions

Renting out your property 

Is it best to rent out furnished or unfurnished? For rental periods shorter than 12 months, there is generally more of a demand
for furnished properties. Whereas it is easier to rent out an unfurnished property to people looking for a more long-term rental. The more flexibility you offer as a landlord, the better your chances of renting out your property. We receive requests for both.

Which rental period is most common?
There is more of a demand for rental periods of at least a year, preferably longer. This applies to houses and apartments.

Is my property visible to anyone visiting
Yes, but your specific address and contact details are not visible. Which means that only someone from Homerental can contact you.

Can both private individuals and companies rent my property?
Homerental offers accommodations to corporate customers whose employees are looking for somewhere to live. 

Do I have to rent my property to whoever is matched via
No, the final decision about who the tenant will be is always made by the landlord.

How soon will my listing be activated?
Listings are normally be activated within 48 hrs, excluding bank holidays and weekends.

How soon will my property be rented out?
Finding a match depends on the number of clients looking, so it’s difficult to say exactly how soon your property will be rented out. The more flexible you are and the more information you can provide about the property, the faster the process will be. 

How many photos can I add to my listing?
You can add as many photos as you feel are necessary to show your property at its best. You can even add a video of the property which, a lot of the time, makes it easier for potential tenants to make a quick decision. We recommend that you upload photographs of: the exterior, kitchen, bathroom and living room, plus a floor plan if you have one.

How do I delete my listing?

Under My page there is a button for deleting your listing - provided it is not currently being rented out. If the listing has property viewings booked, an email will be sent to everyone with an appointment, explaining that the listing has been removed and the property viewings have been cancelled. 

Do I have to pay tax on the rental income from my property?
Yes. Visit the Swedish Tax Agency’s website for more information about the tax regulations for renting out a property.

Corporate clients looking to rent a property

I’m trying to find a property for employees at my company. What should I do first?

If you work with HR or mobility at your company, you simply create a profile and then begin searching for a property for each member of staff. Alternatively you can offer candidates access to our property service as part of your recruitment process. 

What is the cost of using your service for companies?

There are no additional fees for Corporate clients when using Any fees related to the services are included in to the rent presented for each object. 

Will our employees have access to so they can search for a property themselves?

Once you create a profile, your employees will then be able to use the company name and HR contact as a reference. That way, you can offer candidates access to Homerental’s property service as an extra carrot during your recruitment process, without having to spend any unnecessary time on the search yourself. All we need from you is a confirmation of the users' employment in order to activate their account.   

We have a lot of employees who are going to need this service. What should we do?

Please contact us at Homerental to discuss a solution that’s right for you. 

General information

I have forgotten my login details, what do I do?
Click on MY PAGE in the menu and go to FORGOT PASSWORD, then enter the email address you provided when you registered. A reset link will be sent to your email address.

How do I delete my account?
Contact us at or call +46 (0)10-7075100 and we’ll help you.

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